ShopPal Wellness Clinic

Our Mission

To provide affordable, holistic and natural solutions to a wide range of problems like: pain, stress, ageing, and more. We are dedicated to finding the route of problem and to provide education, care, and love to all of our clients.

At the ShopPal Wellness Clinic, we believe that anything is possible if the body is given the right tools.

The Bemer

An electromagnetic device that will completely revolutionize your life! The Bemer has many benefits like: - increases total body's circulation - enhances the body's nutrient and oxygen levels -helps the body to detoxify - can improve cardiac function - helps with muscle recovery and joint stiffness - chronic fatigue - stress reduction - sleep management - Wound Healing - Chronic Pain and so much more! Call today to see if the device could be right for you!

Biofeedback Scanner

Is a non-invasive test for all of your body's organs and systems that can detect illness, deficiency, imbalances and so much more! These tests include a full review of your results as well as an included treatment plan to correct and improve your health. These scans can help with pain, stress relief, and over all improved health. Call today to book your biofeedback scan!

Our Treatments

Weightloss Program

At the ShopPal Wellness clinic, we know that losing weight and improving health comes from long term lifestyle changes. We also know that there are many factors that can effect someones weight like: diet, lifestyle, medications, and other health problems, such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, etc. Our weight loss program is thorough and analyses all factors relating to someones weight and health, that way people can get the best solutions at the quickest rate. Our program includes:

6 Bio Feedback Scans
Fully personalized nutrition plan
Medication Analysis by Dr. George Grant
6 visit's with the nutrition specialist to discuss/revise plan
6 treatments on the Bemer
Vitamin Supplements + Toxin Cleanse
Exercise Plan*
Mindset CD for Positive thinking

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Biofeedback Scan

Full Biofeedback Scan
Full Analysis on Scan
Medication advice from a doctor
As well a full treatment plan with supplement and lifestyle recommendations

1 Session: Approx. 1 Hour - Cost: $150

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With the Bemer the session is 100% tailored to your needs and physical goals. The sessions can be directed towards pain relief from things like arthritis, injury, wounds and other illnesses. They can also be geared towards physical enhancement for athletes and fitness professionals. Or lastly they can be used for full body revitalization for anyone looking to increase their energy, mental focus, physical fitness, and over all health.

1 Session: Approx 30 minutes - $75
4 Sessions: Approx 30 minutes each - $200
Unlimited Monthly Pass: Approx 30 minutes each - $500

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Bemer Anti Aging Light Therapy Facial

The Beamer Light Therapy facial increases collagen, reduces discolouration from age or sun damage, illuminates the skin, as well as reverses wrinkles and other signs of again. This facial includes: a facial cleanse with massage using ancient techniques of qigong, aromatherapy relaxation, as well as rejuvenating light therapy. This treatment is suitable for those with sensitive skin.

1 Facial: approx 40 minutes - $80
4 Facials: approx 40 minutes each - $250
8 Facials: approx 40 minutes each -$400

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Meet Our Staff

Our Leading Wellness Expert

Hailee Young is a wellness specialist who is passionate about healing the world through integrative and holistic treatments. Hailee is currently a certified biofeedback technician, certified in orthomolecular nutrition, as well as a certified yoga teacher under the Canadian yoga alliance. She has also completed her training in the ancient techniques of qigong for pain & stress relief. Hailee is currently working on her degree in integrative medicine and is on track to complete her doctorate in Fall of 2019. As of 2018, Hailee is also a published author with 20 other doctors and wellness specialist for the book called The Handbook to Holistic Health; forwarded by Les Brown. Hailee believes health is a human right and should be safe, effective and affordable.


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926 Townline Road W, Whitby, ON
1111 Finch Ave W, North York, ON

Home treatments also available

Hailee Young

*By appointment only

Tuesday & Thursday: 12pm-9pm
Monday Wednesday & Friday: 11:30 am-8pm