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Bar Nuts

What could be better than peanuts? BAR nuts! Peanuts, sugar and cocoa. Perfect party snack!..


Beef Bites

Single Ingredient: 100% Pure Beef. Zero grain, low fat. Made in Canada! 80g.Perfect for your dog a..


Blanched Salted Peanuts

A full foot of awesome snacking goodness!  150g of blanched and salted peanuts!..


Chocolate Almonds

The name says it all! Almonds covered in chocolate, a great way to stave off hunger and indulge your..


Horse Treats

Barnies Organic Horse Treats are a great natural healthy treat on its own or added to grain and/or m..


Louisiana Cajun Mix

Give these a try, your sure to love them! Contains Peanuts, sugar and corn (with a little Cajun kick..


Sweet and Salty Peanuts

Can't decide on a snack? "Do I want sweet or salty?" Have both! Our sweet and salty peanuts are a wi..