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Bar Nuts

What could be better than peanuts? BAR nuts! Peanuts, sugar and cocoa. Perfect party snack!..


Beef Bites

Single Ingredient: 100% Pure Beef. Zero grain, low fat. Made in Canada! 80g.Perfect for your dog a..


Blanched Salted Peanuts

A full foot of awesome snacking goodness!  150g of blanched and salted peanuts!..


Chocolate Almonds

The name says it all! Almonds covered in chocolate, a great way to stave off hunger and indulge your..


Cocoa Cubes

Just pop one in your mouth and enjoy the rich, chocolate flavour! Two servings in every bag! Keep ..


Coconut Craze Bar

For the coconut lovers out there! We've covered this chocolatey bar with a crazy amount of coconut..


Fantastic Flax Bar

This bar is healthy and tastes fantastic! Enriched with the goodness of flax seed and the flavour ..


Hollywood Eye Magic

Hollywood Eye Magic Under Eye Serum naturally reduces puffiness, fine lines, sagging skin, wrinkles ..


Horse Treats

Barnies Organic Horse Treats are a great natural healthy treat on its own or added to grain and/or m..


Louisiana Cajun Mix

Give these a try, your sure to love them! Contains Peanuts, sugar and corn (with a little Cajun kick..


ShopPal Wellness Clinic - Bemer Treatment

With the Bemer the session is 100% tailored to your needs and physical goals. The sessions can be di..


ShopPal Wellness Clinic - Biofeedback Scan

Full Biofeedback ScanFull Analysis on ScanMedication advice from a doctorAs well a full treatment pl..


Sunflower Shine Bar

Sunflower seeds abound on this great tasting bar! Let the taste shine through for a meal replaceme..


Sweet and Salty Peanuts

Can't decide on a snack? "Do I want sweet or salty?" Have both! Our sweet and salty peanuts are a wi..


Sweet Sesame Bar

The great taste of sesame seeds coat this sweet, chocolatey protein bar. Great as a meal or just t..