Black Oxygen - Mineral Supplement Drops

Black Oxygen - Mineral Supplement Drops


The BlackOxygen Organics supplement is not only a powerful antioxidant and electrolyte; it is also very rich in trace minerals. Top reasons to choose BlackOxygen Organics Mineral Supplement:

·         This product has gone through rigorous testing and certification to ensure you get the high quality supplement you expect.

·         Health Canada Approved (NPN 80063624).

·         The Fulvic Acid is from a very rich source of peat extracted from organic matter that originated thousands of years ago.

·         The BlackOxygen Cap is a unique delivery system that keeps the potency of the Fulvic Acid until consumed so that you can maximize the benefit to your body.

·         Each dosage is individually packaged for your convenience, making it easy to take at home, at work, or when you travel.

Benefits of Fulvic Acid:

·         Reduces oxidative stress

·         Provides the most powerful electrolyte in existence

·         Creates an alkalizing environment

·         Increases oxygen up to 45%

·         Contains 70+ trace minerals

·         Supports the immune and digestive systems

·         Supports healthy circulation

·         Creates an anti-aging environment

·         Provides usable oxygen directly to the cells

·         Improves brain function, memory and mood

·         Regenerates cells in a healthier environment

·         Supports absorption of nutrients

·         Boosts metabolism and balances hormones

·         Removes toxins, heavy metals and pesticides

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