Bickell Foundation

The Bryan & Amanda Bickell Fund

The Bryan & Amanda Bickell Fund oversee's two very important missions: The Bickell Family Fund and the Bickel Brave Fund.

The Bickell Family Funds works tirelessly to end the stigma around 'pit bull' type dogs and is dedicated to educating the public on the fair and humane treatment of these bully breeds. We support these breeds by helping them get medical care and find their forever homes out of Ontario because of the breed specific legislation.

The Bickell Brave Fund focuses on emotional support for individuals and families suffering from multiple sclerosis. At the Bickel Brave Fund, we provide resources from different professionals and doctors to help with the physical symptoms of MS as well a emotional support through initiatives like chat lines and retreat centres.

Our goal at The Bryan & Amanda Bickell Fund is to be able to partner these two causes together in the future, upon the end of breed specific legislation, and to be able to train these bully breeds to be service animals for those dealing with MS.  

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