About us

ShopPal's mission is to provide unique products that offer unparalleled value to the consumer while maintaining a continuous source of funding for charities and non-profits. Our goal is to enable fundraising to occur in a seamless no cost environment that offers valuable and beneficial products to their supporters.

ShopPal provides an opportunity for your charity or not-for-profit organization to provide exclusive goods and services to your supporters at discounted prices while generating revenue that can be put directly towards your organization's fundraising effort. At no cost to your organization ShopPal will create a website featuring your logo, links, contact information, and mission statement that your supporters can access to shop from. Our products are unique consumables made available at the lowest cost on the Canadian market. When your supporters shop with us  10% of their purchase (before tax) will go directly towards your organization's fundraising effort. All purchases are handled by ShopPal and shipped directly to the purchaser so no distribution is required from your organization. All that you have to do is direct your supporters to ShopPal by your branded advertising. The ShopPal experience is a low cost and low effort way for your organization to generate high returns in revenue by providing your supporters with a valuable repeat shopping experience.