Wealth 101 for Teenagers

New Wealth 101 for Teenagers


Parents would love to see their children grow up with more financial knowledge they they did. Teenagers cannot wait to move out and be on their own. With the growing popularity of Instagram and other Social Medias, young adults think it is normal that a 20-year old drives a Lamborghini. My youngest child thinks he will be able to move out on his own with a part-time job. Teenagers need to face reality about what the real cost of living is, and that life does not resemble what they see on social media.

Wealth 101 for Teenagers is separated into 4 parts: Budgeting, Inflation, Interest and Investments; the basic knowledge to help create healthy spending-saving habits. A teenager that grasps these basic concepts will be able to become a financially successful adult.

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Natalie Grignon CDFA® is an Investment Advisor Associate and has been in the financial field for 15 years. She holds three licenses; the license from Autorité des Marchés Financiers ( insurance) , and is also fully licensed in securities and option trading through IIROC in Québec, Canada.  As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, she helps divorce lawyers and mediators with the financial aspects of a divorce, which includes the data analysis showing the financial effect of any given settlement. Working with teenagers is part of her passion to educate others on financial matters. Her conferences and workshops are in great demand. She is the mother of 3 and is highly involved in her community.

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